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Rebecca Venot, PE

"I’m delighted to give back to the associations from whom I’ve gained so much"
- Rebecca Venot, PE AWWMA President & Chair

I started my journey with AWWA and WEF thirteen years ago. Like many of you, I was invited to attend a meeting by someone senior in my office with the tagline of “it will be good for your professional development.” I went along, dutifully, as most young professionals would. I enjoyed the technical aspects of the associations and the learning opportunities they provided. It wasn’t until I started working more directly with clients and utility staff that the actual value of the networking opportunities provided by AWWA and WEF became concrete to me. When I moved to Alaska and joined AWWMA, I had a ready-made network of amazing people ready to accept me into their water-nerd fold. Now, ralizing that benefit, I’m delighted to give back to the associations I’ve gained so much from over the years.

I am excited to continue building on AWWMA’s recent efforts to increase our member engagement, since you, our members, are what the association is all about. If you aren’t involved yet, why not? What can we do to help you get more value from your membership? Consider getting involved as a committee member or in future openings on the board of directors. These experiences can develop both your leadership skills and deepen your professional network. The board and trustees are always interested in hearing ideas for how we can improve.  

The cancellation of our 2020 conference has impacted AWWMA’s finances and goals for the coming year. We need your assistance in developing alternative training formats to deliver the high-quality CEU’s operators and engineers rely on AWWMA to provide. While these alternative formats may provide convenience in a way that traveling to a conference does not, they likely cannot foster the networking connections that in-person interactions create. To that end, please plan to join us for our conference in the Spring of 2021 in Anchorage. Attendance at that conference will go a long way to returning the section to normal.

The world is a chaotic place at the moment, with many changes to the way we go about our personal lives, do business, gain CEU’s, and participate in networking events. We can get through this together by remaining strong, and dedicated to our core values of protecting public health while continuing to be there for each other as a water community.

Thank you for the honor of leading such a dedicated group of professionals and for your dedication to the profession and our organization. 

Rebecca Venot
AWWMA President & Chair
Civil Engineer

CRW Engineering Group, LLC

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