AWWMA is seeking enthusiastic water industry professionals with a talent for management and oversight

  • Connect water professionals;
  • Enrich the expertise of water professionals;
  • Increase the awareness of the impact and value of water and;
  • Provide a platform for water-sector innovation.

For information on a committee in particular or to inquire about participating on a committee, please contact us!



  • Alaska Water/Wastewater Emergency Response Network (AKWARN) - Dan Monteleone, Chair
  • Annual Conference Planning - Current President, Chair
  • Awards - Current President-elect, Chair
  • Career Development - Clifford Fletcher, Les Syvertson, Co-Chairs
    • Operator Training
    • Small Systems
    • Teleconferences/Workshops
  • Government Affairs - David Persinger, Chair
  • AWWA WEF Young Professionals - Dylan Baffrey, Chair
  • Operator Involvement - Andrew Jones, Chair
    • Hydrant Hysteria
    • Top Ops  Ops Challenge
  • Public Outreach - Melissa Harrower, Chair
    • Outreach in Schools (link coming soon)
    • Stockholm Jr Water Prize

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Phone:  907. 561. 9777

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