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"My career was greatly impacted by my involvement in AWWMA - along with making a host of friends that has lasted a lifetime! Leaders that I got to know, just to name a few, Ken Kerri, Amos Alter, Frank Wince, Mike and Peggy Pollen, Jim O'Neil, and Craig Woolard have made a difference and have helped shape our history"

- Larry Phillips, Retired (AWWU) - Past AWWA Director & Past AWWMA President


Formed in 1960 and granted 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status in 1997, the Alaska Water Wastewater Management Association (AWWMA) is dedicated to the stewardship of the environment, and the protection of public health. AWWMA is a leader in advancing the technology of Alaska's water and wastewater industry, and active at the grassroots level in government policies relative to the stewardship of Alaska's water resources and public health.

AWWMA is comprised of dedicated water professionals, managing the activities of the Alaska Section of the American Water Works Association, and is the Alaska Member Association of the Water Environment Federation. Members of either of these two organizations who live, work or support the industry in Alaska are eligible to become members of AWWMA

In an effort to promote the importance of "Clean, Safe Water for Alaska", AWWMA participates annually in National Drinking Water WeekWorld Water Monitoring Day, and  World Water Week. AWWMA also actively promotes the Stockholm Jr Water Prize each year, selecting and sponsoring an Alaska winner to compete in the SJWP National Competition.

Fund raising activities are common at our annual conference and other events. Sponsoring the Water Buffalo's "Ride With Purpose" is a successful way to generate support for the OneAWWA Operator Scholarship, Water For People, and the Community Engineering Corps efforts with water related projects.

AWWMA works to bring knowledge, expertise, and technology
to water and wastewater industry professionals in Alaska.

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PO Box 244141
Anchorage AK 99524

Phone:  907. 561. 9777
Email:  awwma@CompanyEmail.com

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